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The BIGGEST Library of SEO Courses in the world.
It's like NETFLIX™ for SEOs

Get unlimited access to the BIGGEST Library of SEO Courses in the world. It's like Netflix for SEOs, all carefully handpicked for quality and accuracy. Unlike Netflix, it doesn't waste your time but delivers cutting edge SEO strategies and tactics that put you on the top of Google.

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Pui Teng

IMG Is truly a Game-changer!

Joining IMG is one of the best decisions for my businessI've already implemented some of the strategies for our sites and started to see some great results. IMG is truly a game-changer and I would definitely recommend it!

Tired of Being at Google's Mercy?

Hi, my name is Kyle Roof and I am an SEO just like you.

I've worked on the traffic for a few brands you might have heard about:, Freshbooks, Salesforce and a few others.

Things weren't that smooth when I got into SEO. I needed to figure out exactly what I needed to do to rank consistently or lose my job.

I hated waking up feeling like I wasn't in control of my own success. I was tired of being at the mercy of Google's whims. Everything changed when I made a simple observation...

Google's secret was hidden in plain sight

Google's secret was hidden in plain sight

The answer to ranking on top was staring me in the face all this time. Google kept referring to their "Algorithm" and it made me realize that if it's just a math formula that means...

Google can't read, it counts!

I went to work and dedicated two years of my life to run over 400 scientific SEO tests based on the understanding that it's just plain math. A few years later I would make a 6 page website that would change everything... 

I exposed the algorithm

As ultimate proof that Google was just a fancy math algorithm, I ranked number 1 on Google with Lorem Ipsum (Dummy text). 

Oh, they didn't like this one bit.

They wanted to make me pay... The day after the story got out, at 1:15 am they de-indexed 22 of my test sites and added a Google guideline (a rule) just for me. The one that says not to make "Content that doesn't make sense to the reader".

Ranking with gibberish: Proof Google can't read 

Google HATES SEOs who test

What happened was a clear message: Google hates SEOs like us. They want to keep us out because once we know how the algorithm works, we can rank and earn a fortune. And by kicking my sites out, that validated the fact that I was onto something. 

That is why I not only patented my methods (Patent #10,540,263 B1) but I also created "On-page SEO" a tell-all course showing my exact process for ranking client sites like Godaddy, Freshbooks and more. They might be able to hurt me, but with my process out in the wild, they can't hurt us SEOs together.

My SEO Testing patent

While the plan was to make a single course this is not how things turned out. I poked the beast and Google was more and more reckless when it came to those making a living with SEO. That is why I...

Created a safe place for us

I went ahead and called on a few friends like Ted Kubaitis, Robbie Richards, Leo Soulas, Viola Eva and a few others to create an SEO dream team where SEOs are free to share the latest and greatest strategies and tactics working right now without fear of being "found out" like I was, and IMG was born. 

Because Google cannot beat us if we are together

In just 3 months IMG became the largest library of SEO Courses in the world, like Netflix for SEOs. But that's not all. We've also added quite a few extras like a community aspect and more.

Here's what this is all about...

Some of the best SEO courses I've found

Amir Shahzeidi

Since I'm an SEO Lead, my level is advanced. I love the IMG community. It offers some of the best and most in-depth, advanced, actionable SEO courses that I've found on the internet

Acheived some great milestones

Eran Biran

After 2 months of IMG membership, my knowledge has exponentially grown and I have achieved some great milestones with my clients thanks to the methods I learn on this platform.


Everything You Need To Outrank Anyone

You no longer need to buy one more SEO course, ever. IMG has all aspects of SEO covered from Keyword Research to Pagespeed

On Page SEO

Optimize your pages to dominate the top spots. A method so powerful it tricked Google into ranking Dummy Text

Link Building

Attract links organically and high converting outreach strategies. Or get the easy 40 links you can get without outreach

Keyword Research

Get keyword research wrong and you've failed before you begin. Find out how to pick up easy wins
others miss.

Beginner SEO

First site? No problem, we have the right courses for the perfect start. From registering your domain to your first buck online

Affiliate SEO

Affiliate SEO is one of the most profitable and time tested SEO strategies. How to rank and earn big in commissions.

Local SEO

Go small and dominate the Local results. There's very low competition at the local level and a fortune to be made.

SEO Copywriting

Great copy sells more, increases time on page and lets you steal clicks from anyone on the top spot.

Get more clients

Premium clients are less hassle and pay more. Strategies to attract and convert high quality clients. 

Website Flipping

Find and attract buyers. Insider tips & tricks to flipping your website
at 40x the value.


Save on tickets, airfare and health hazards, with IMG the conferences come to you

Beyond SEO

Go beyond SEO with creative ways to earn more from Apps, Tik-Toks, Google ads & more.

VALUE: $15,497

For absolute beginners to seasoned pros

Not only do we touch on every aspect of SEO, we have varying courses that teach at every level from absolute beginners (What's an H1?) to seasoned pros (Entity stacking, PBNs, etc).


If you do not have a website, don't even know what an H2 is, there's absolute beginner courses in IMG that will take you by the hand and make things crystal clear.


If you've been at this a while, IMG will take your SEO to another level with little known SEO strategies and methods that will give you the edge and make your SEO faster, better, stronger.


If you are an SEO Veteran, you will love the advanced SEO Courses that teach Keyword research automation, Systematization processes and other SOPs so that you can have a well oiled machine

SEO Strategies and tactics you CANNOT find anywhere else

If all you know about SEO comes from Google or YouTube, you will quickly be outranked. Why? Because if everyone knows, it diminishes the effectiveness of any SEO tactic, and Google will most likely pick up on it. 

Having the edge means keeping things within in a select group of individual so that this information does not get squandered everywhere. 

That is why we refuse IMG memberships to anyone who works for Google or is related to them. All of our courses have advanced copy protection that makes them almost impossible to be pirated. 

This makes it so that the Google beating strategies and tactics stay within IMG and out of the league of your run of the mill YouTube and Google SEO and we will keep it that way. 

Benefited greatly from the competitive edge...

I am a freelance SEO and have benefited greatly from the IMG community and training. The knowledge inside some of the courses has helped me give my clients a competitive edge

Ronald Reyes

Let your competitors waste their time on Google and YouTube while you have the cream of the crop of SEO Tactics shared by the world's top SEOs. 

NEW Courses added regularly

Google never stands still. Neither should you. That is why IMG has a steady stream of courses that keep you up to date on cutting edge SEO that gives you our your clients the upper hand. In fact during the time it took to set up this page no less than 3 courses have been added to the roster.

Skip The Line At The Most Popular Conferences

The 30 minute formula to content that sells

$143k of extra SEO clients with simple FB Ads

Journey to 100k MRR With Affiliate sites

SEO Conferences costs can be expensive at $500 a pop and that doesn't even include airfare and hotel. But they are worth it because all you need is one good idea from them to make a HUGE difference to your bottom line. IMG secures the rights to some of the hottest, must-attend SEO and Agency conferences and brings them right to you.

No need to shell out for tickets, stand in line for an airplane and expose yourself to that nasty virus out there. With IMG the conferences come to you. Here are a few of the hot tips revealed in the conferences as part of your membership:

  • How to 3x an ecommerce site in 60 days
  • 3x your content marketing results
  • Are you making these critical mistakes in your online business?
  • The 30min formula to content that sells
  • How to sell your product even if nobody knows and nobody searches for it
  • How to get hot authoritative links even if your content is average
  • Simple Instagram marketing hacks
  • The conversion boosting secret criminal profilers know that you don't
  • How to get $143,000 of new SEO clients with simple Facebook ads
  • & much more...

Go Beyond SEO

You know the drill: More traffic, more money. Besides pure SEO strategies and tactics IMG also features "offbeat" courses with even more creative ways to earn more. 

How about 5 simple ways to earn more with your site? (Profit stacks), add a new source of income with Appstore SEO? (Appstore optimization), add new traffic sources like Tik Tok (Tik Tok Basics), and more.

Enjoy anywhere with a dedicated App

IMG is only a browser window away. Log in and fire up any course, any time. Whether you want to make better use of your commute time, or make the most of your dentist appointment, you can also enjoy profit-boosting courses wherever you go on Android or iOS devices.

If you also watch all of the videos at a maximum of 2x the speed so that you can download the information to your brain faster and start earning.

  • Unlimited access to 30 SEO Courses and counting
  • A total value of $15,497
  • Anti-piracy means the SEO tactics won't be shared
  • Includes access to hot ticket SEO Conferences
  • Convenient, dedicated app with 2x speed
  • Unlimited: Never buy an SEO course again!
  • All SEO topics covered, all levels
  • Constantly updated

Secrets of high converting copy

Creating content that ranks AND converts

7 Effective SEO Tactics you can implement quickly

Black hat SEO and crazy successful link building

You've been doing silos WRONG

The steps to a 6 figure flip

A Peek Inside IMG Courses

Here's a peek of what you will find inside of your IMG Course membership

The 14 Steps that put you on
top of Google

This is the course that started it all and takes everything Kyle has learned during two years of running 400 scientific SEO tests to figure out exactly what it takes to rank on top of Google. He reveals exactly how he ended up fooling the Google algorithm with nothing but gibberish text.

This technique still works wonders today and Kyle shows the actual sites ranking with nonsensical text inside:

  • The biggest take aways from 400 SEO tests
  • The 14 steps I use to rank my sites and my clients'
  • Why everyone is doing Silos wrong
  • How to force Google to rank you with one-way links
  • The truth about SEO ranking factors
  • These mostly free tools rank your page higher


We had to update 40% of our workflow

As an agency managing about 30 accounts, we felt that we had a decent system of SOP's in place. After taking Kyle's course, we were humbled that we had to update about 40% of our workflow.

Compared to other courses we have purchased over the years, Kyle's teaching style and quality are by far best. We looked at some of the other outlines in IMG and see that they follow the same easy-to-follow outline. We found a new home for effective learning at IMG! Well done Kyle!

Brian Childers

The best I've seen from an SEO course

The content quality is the best I’ve seen from an SEO course. I’ve been taking SEO courses since 2016 and the style is easy going and never over my head. I love the “show me how to do it style”! Great course!!

Nancy Reagan

I wasn't fully aware how easy Google is to beat

Kyle's teachings totally changed how I approach on page SEO. I already knew that Google is an algorithm, but I wasn't fully aware how easy it is to beat. 

I really like the teaching style and content quality.

Raoul Wruck

Same traffic, more money: Write Copy That Converts Like Crazy

One page can earn you a lot

60.27% conversion growth after better copy

Better copy = More sales

Traffic is not enough, your website must convert browsers into buyers. Copywriting expert Kevin Meng reveals all of the steps to producing web copy that compels people to purchase. Affiliates can earn more with the same traffic, and agency owners can have their staff produce better money-earning content on demand. 

  • Skyrocket your sales with killer copy
  • 3 Must-haves for copy that converts
  • The fix to your offers that don't convert well
  • The main trick to intros that hook until the sale
  • The formula that drastically improves engagements
  • These 4 hacks make your content more sticky


Easily the best content course out there

Most writers just don’t get it, so we normally end up editing or rewriting a lot of what comes in. 

Now we spend way less time on rewrites AND get more engagement. Easily the best content course out there.

Jay Yap

Higher conversions from rewrites

For website owners like myself, articles that don’t convert cost money every day. In a short space of time this course has already paid for itself

Many times over in fact with the higher conversions coming from recently rewritten articles.

Jim Dillon

How to make content convert highly

Kevin’s Masterclass has changed the way I teach our team how to write forever. He closed a gap we never could: how to make content convert highly, something that is very tricky to teach since some writers “get it” and others don’t. 

Jonathan Kiekbusch

Much better conversions

I literally got it for every writer working for us… and the outputs have seen significant improvement. 

Both in the quality of the content in terms of being useful, and it’s also much better converting because it’s written in a different way.

Mads Singers

Increased traffic with overlooked content opportunities

You know the drill: More keywords, more money. But what if the key to your website growth was nothing more than existing low hanging fruit that you could easily start generating traffic from? These are keywords that Google would love to give you for minimal work. Stop going for new content and find the gold in your old content. Inside:

  • 7 templates that speed up your SEO
  • Double your traffic with low hanging fruits
  • How to regain long-lost link equity
  • The simple steps to revive old performers
  • The 6 power signals every page must have
  • Crafting your step-by-step custom SEO plan


One of the guys I recommend

Robbie Richards hustles. If you are looking to learn via a lot of actionable tips and images, he's one of the guys I recommend for anyone starting out online.

Noah Kagan

Packed with tons of value

I've been following Robbie's work for over 4 years and every piece of content he produces is always packed with tons of value. Robbie is a marketing practitioner who runs his own agency. He knows his stuff really well, and, most importantly, he's great at teaching it!

Tim Soulo

Takes you from an absolute beginner to a wealthy affiliate

One of the best models to start online is with Affiliate SEO. Rank, make sales, get commission, repeat. In this course for absolute beginners, Greg Jeffries takes you step by step to become a wealthy affiliate even if you've never made a site before. He also teaches a mass page creation strategy that anyone can use to rank sites quickly and earn rapidly. Inside:

  • Over the shoulder: Creating affiliate sites from scratch
  • How to find easy-to-rank keywords
  • The mass-page Affiliate strategy
  • Beginner-friendly: Exactly what to do at every step
  • 18 scaling strategies to grow, fast
  • THE Quickest way to earn as an affiliate SEO


From beginner to full time

It was my first venture into affiliate marketing. I started building sites and now I am in a position where I can do it full time. SEO Affiliate Domination Is THE best place to start, before this I haven't put together a WordPress site. Take it, do not hesitate.

Jordan Hill

Uncommon techniques

Its a great balance between building things for the future with traditional SEO, while you can start getting a bit of money up front with some techniques like mass pages.

Steve Floyd

So straightforward

So straightforward, you don't need a lot of extra tools. I've made my money back and more, and I hardly did any work at all.

Andy Palmer

40 Simple links anyone can get, even with a new site

It's no secret that Google is ignoring your site because no one is linking to you. You don't need to beg for them nor do you need to be a well established website. In this course Ted Kubaitis reveals 40 simple links anyone can get, and best of all this can be outsourced easily. Inside:

  • 40 Simple links anyone can get, without begging
  • What NEVER to do when link building
  • Most are not doing Linking number 9
  • Most sites will readily link to you (Link 17)
  • Use this special file type for link building
  • How to leverage large platforms for our links


Top quality SEO Courses and training

The guys from IMG are putting out top quality SEO Courses and training from some of the best SEOs out there. Chris Palmer, Viola Eva and Kyle Roof are few instructors I know personally and recommend their stuff. Terrific learning platform for both noobs and advanced SEOs.

Craig Campbell

& more courses from the top SEOs

IMG is the world's biggest SEO Courses library, and we can't possibly showcase them all. You will find some of the top SEOs in the world like:


SEO Veteran before Google was even around. Founder of CORA, a  correlational SEO software with 2040 factors tracked.


Bibi "The Link Builder" is a link building ace with effective, personal outreach techniques that don't rely on Spam. 


Serial affiliate site flipper, Doug is well known for his Keyword Ratio Equation that reveals easy to rank keywords.


Judo uses the force of the opponent against them. Chris the SEO Judo master uses Google's love of its own properties to rank on Google. 


Lead SEO at High Voltage SEO, an Entrepreneur top 25 agency. Ranked first on Google with dummy text (Lorem Ipsum).


Leo Soulas leverages automation techniques to automate normally time consuming tasks like Keyword research and Keyword clustering.


One of the most sought after content writers. Kevin has the gift to write copy that converts and teaches others to do so.


Robbie marries content strategy and SEO to outrank global brands, attract thousands of emails subscribers and a flood of traffic.


Greg is an Affiliate SEO superstar ranks with a solid strategy and a mass page building tactic that dominates the competition.


SEO Consultant, manager, founder and speaker. She's regularly featured in publications like SEJ, Ungagged, Pubcon & more.

Get access to the world's largest SEO Courses Library, worth $15,497 for just $89/month

$15,487 SEO Courses for just $89/month. 

Cancel anytime. Guaranteed 14 days.

But wait, there's MORE. Your IMG Membership not
only includes unlimited courses, but also 4 FREE bonuses:


Mastermind with The
World's top SEOs weekly

Kyle Roof, Ted Kubaitis and special guests will answer any of your SEO questions, live in our weekly AMA masterminds. 

VALUE: $975

Answers to any of your SEO problems

Ask any SEO question you may have to Kyle & Ted

Who do you call when you need SEO help? As part of your IMG membership you get a weekly zoom group call with Kyle Roof, who ranked number one on Google for gibberish text or Ted Kubaitis, founder of Cora that currently has the list of 2040 Google ranking factors or a special guest specially picked by Ted or Kyle.

You can ask your most pressing question to them by Zoom and by the end you will have a clear action plan. Who better to ask than the guy who beat Google's algorithm and the guy who knows the thousands of ranking factors?

You can also leave a comment for your question to be picked up. The other way to get access to them is to pay their $500 / hour consulting fee, so this makes your IMG membership quite valuable.

Replay vault with time stamps

Can't make it to a weekly mastermind call? No problem, you have access to all of the past recordings. You don't need to wonder, every single live call replay is time stamped with the exact time where a question is answered. You can get the answer you need right away. Here's a few gold nuggets from past recordings:

  • New agency? The best services to offer
  • How to land big ticket clients
  • The ins and outs of CTR manipulation
  • Which SEO tactics don’t work at all now?
  • The trick to safely using expired domains
  • Should you run paid ads for keywords that you are not ranking for?
  • Should you change a page's slug?
  • Linking: Target page or homepage?
  • What to do when rankings drop
  • How to make the most of Google news

The best way to reach Kyle and Ted is in the weekly calls where you can get their undivided attention, but you can also find them within the community, your second free bonus. More on that below...

I am backed by great SEO minds

Being a part of this community has built more confidence to take new projects and charge more to my services.

I am backed by great SEO minds of all time and I can reach out to anyone and everyone is super responsive. Plus I am expanding my understanding of SEO every day.

Rambabu Thapa

I have a better business than before

I’ve been in SEO for 10 years, so I’d say I'm somewhere between intermediate and advanced levels. The algorithms / science stuff from Ted is what I love the most about IMG.

Not only have I become a better SEO, but now I have a better business than before I started!

Will Mullins


Connect with hundreds of SEOs
& Make Friends (Or Get Support)

SEO is way more fun, together. Come and make friends,
find your next client or find support in the IMG community

VALUE: $197

SEO doesn't have to be lonely

SEO can be quite the lonely path. Most people barely understand what you are doing and trying to explain quickly leads to glazed eyes. Nobody understands better than other SEOs that go through the same things you do day in and day out. Your second free bonus for joining IMG is the exclusive community. Ask any questions, post your latest win or get that little motivational push you need when you are down. 

Community Support

Unsure about how to proceed? Don't risk making the wrong decision: Answers to ANY question you have is one post away. Ask anything from the best linking strategy to managing a team and you will get your answer from some of the world's top SEO minds and people just like you who are more than wiling to help you. We've got developers, copywriters, affiliates, agency owners, and more.

This tightly knit community is always ready and willing to pitch in and and help crowdsource all of your issues.

I love this community

I have joined this group after meeting Kyle in person at an event and probably it was the best decision I've made in the last few months. 

I love this community. 

Emerson Ieradi

An Amazing group of people

Joined IMG a couple months ago and this is an amazing group of people. Everyone is smart 
and analytical. 

I’ve learned more in two months than I learned years prior. Highly recommended."

Frances Gardner

Profitable connections

Because this is an exclusive community, you might be able to find a profitable connection within. One of our members recently allowed IMG users backlinks to one of the most popular sites in the world. A recent member found their dream client and another found a graphic designer who understands SEO. One member even developed their own plugin and offered it exclusively to IMG members. Several other members have actually ended up working for IMG and its affiliated businesses.

There is no spam allowed but there's a lot of profitable connections to be made within IMG. If you input your location, you can even connect and find nearby SEOs and kick it off.

  • Ask any questions for crowdsourced answers
  • (optional) Find SEOs near you!
  • Connect & make lasting friends
  • Make profitable connections
  • Tight knit and willing to help
  • Reach anyone with a chat message

Your 3rd Bonus is the only one of it's kind in the world
and only available in IMG...


Forecast Google Updates

The Google Forecast System™ is the ONLY tool of it's kind in the world that can forecast Google updates 


Business as usual, nothing to report in our systems 

Thing are running as normal.

Ted Kubaitis SEO

 Ted Kubaitis


We are seeing weird disparities in our data and Google search console. 

So we think there is a 75% chance of an Algorithm update tomorrow

Ted Kubaitis SEO

 Ted Kubaitis


Things calmed down but rampant indexing issues and high volatility

Everything is still changing so the current advice is wait it out.

Ted Kubaitis SEO

 Ted Kubaitis


Observation: Google has decimated the star ratings.

This will largely impact affiliates who need to switch to Aggregate rating.

Ted Kubaitis SEO

 Ted Kubaitis


The ONLY tool of it's kind in the world

Wouldn't it be great knowing when Google was about to hit with an update? Your third bonus is access to the Google Forecast System™, or what we call it in the community, SEO Weather.

SEO Weather is the brainchild of our co-founder, Ted Kubaitis. About 7 years ago Google was feeling particularly pretentious and announced there would be a big update on a specific date. Knowing this, Ted set up a system to watch the update as it rolled out and found the tell-tale signs that an update was coming.

Over a span of 7 years he's watched more and more updates roll out and improved his listening system and created Google Forecast System™, the only tool of its kind in the world.

Getting ready to happen days before an update

I'm not surprised that you (Ted) were smart enough to monitor Google for hours (when they told us a major Google Algo Update was coming) in the past. And then glean from that data a way to monitor an increase of changes getting ready to happen days before an update and then forecast it by creating the "IMG" SEO Weather update predictor!

Guess I can never cancel my Internet Marketing Gold membership! 🙂

Paul Gerard

Google only made this mistake once

Realizing that they showed their hands like a bad poker player, Google has never made a specific date announcement again, so this event and the possibility to create another similar system will never, EVER be repeated again. We cannot say too much about the inner workings of the system because, well, if Google knew that we know, this won't work anymore.

You cannot find a similar system, other systems only report after the update and the event that created SEO Weather will likely never be repeated again. This is not available for sale anywhere. This invaluable SEO tool comes for FREE with your IMG membership.


Successfully forecasted the last two updates

The Google Forecast System™ is the only tool in the world that has the ability to forecast an Algorithm BEFORE it hits. Other tools and SEOs tell you that there was an algorithm update after it hits (as if that was a big help!).

Just like any weather prediction system, it is not 100% accurate but it has successfully predicted the last two Algorithm updates and IMG members have found safety way before these SEO earthquakes hit.

Prepare your sites or clients

SEO is pretty lonely, even more when an unfair Algorithm update threatens your hard work and no one around you even understands what the big deal is. Ted will truly be your "friend -in-the-trenches" alerting you when something imminent is about to happen. Below is a real post from Ted in the IMG community BEFORE a large update from Google. 

It's going to happen again!

  • Manage client expectations so Google takes the credit for the volatility.
  • Hedge your bet by investing more in █████ ████████ prior to volatile events.
  • Postpone █████████ ███ work so it isn't ruined by the timing
  • Be on the look out for change and indexing issues.
  • Focus on new █████████,█████, ███, ███████ that would be outside of the scope of ranking changes.
  • Focus on pages ████ █████ ███████ ███████████ that have nothing to lose from ranking changes.

Real post from Ted. Parts are redacted to give IMG members the edge

Because of this tool, Ted saved his job when he worked for a large ecommerce company by telling them that there was a large update brewing. If you have your own sites, know when to lift your foot off the gas pedal. 

This is even better for agency owners. Why? Because SEO agencies are the first to the chopping block when an update hits. So with SEO Weather you get to be the hero that informs your clients that there's an imminent update.

This invaluable tool keeps your clients from blaming your SEO for when Google is at fault.

Exactly what to do at every move

Dorian B. says:

I just got massively affected starting two days ago. There was a minor traffic loss even before, but not as bad as the last three days. This is an affiliate website.

I would love to hear any theories on what this is about. @Ted K. must have detected a trend. I lost to █████████ █████ and to ████ ████████ ███████  content. But I am waiting your analysis.

Ted K. says:

That lines up with my hypothesis that Google is targeting ████████ pages, ██████  business, ███ ██ █████ pages, COVID policies. We plan to do a before and after the update analysis... We just need the "after" part to arrive.

That's not all, after Google makes a move, Ted Kubaitis will tell you exactly how to keep one step ahead so that you can capitalize on any changes. Ted is the owner of Cora that monitors 2040 known ranking factors. So, if something changes, he has first hand knowledge of exactly what went out and how you can make the most out of it.

Unlimited courses + Community + SEO Weather for just $89/month

$15,487 SEO Courses for just $89/month.

Cancel anytime. Guaranteed 14 days.

There's even more. Here's the 4th bonus that comes
FREE with your IMG membership:


160+ Ways to rank on top of Google

Get access to 160+ IMG exclusive SEO tests vault + 10 NEW tests added monthly.
All done under scientific conditions & peer reviewed

YOURS: 160+ Completed SEO tests + 10 New tests per month

  • Get access to a vault of 160+ SEO test
  • On-page, off-page even YouTube tests
  • Peer-reviewed with scientific conditions
  • 10 New tests added per month

VALUE: $2240

Those who don't test are left in the dust

The safest path is the tested path, so don't risk your time and money doing anything unless you test it first. The problem? Tests are costly and very time consuming to run, and for them to produce meaningful data you need strict scientific conditions.

IMG has a team of dedicated testers that eat, sleep and dream Google. They spend their time setting up websites and test, test, test and report back their findings. That means each month it's 10 more ways to leave your competition in the dust. And then these are added to the SEO test vault that has 160 test and growing monthly.

These Tests are ONLY Found in IMG

These test are not only made under strict scientific conditions, they are also peer reviewed by other testers. If they can poke a hole in it, the test will not be accepted and will have to be re-done. ONLY when a test results is validated, it is published in IMG.

That means you will not find these tests anywhere else, as we give IMG members the edge over their competition.

Literally internet marketing GOLD

The SEO Test Results is what really drew me to sign up for IMG. The fact that they do SEO Testing with a coherent team of people and publish those tests is literally internet marketing gold

It gives you that edge over other people who do what we do.

Todd Weeks | 2Surge

Top 50 Ranking factors

Ted Kubaitis, our co-founder created CORA, a software that monitors Google with 2040 ranking factors. CORA is $250/month but Ted generously releases the top 50 factors for free every month for IMG members ONLY. 

Let everyone else waste their time on what factor is most important, while you have it directly from software that monitors Google.

The best SEO testing group 

Not only is IMG the best SEO testing group on the web, they offer an onslaught of SEO courses under a subscription model. These courses are hand-picked by the team IMG which includes none other than Kyle Roof (who I have the highest respect for. I mean the man did rank a site that was in Latin).

Steve Toth

We are so confident that you will find value in IMG that we back it
with a no questions asked guarantee:

The "Absolute GOLD" Guarantee

You have 14 days, two full weeks to enjoy traffic boosting SEO Courses, have community support, expert help and access to the SEO tests & weather reports. If you do not enjoy your IMG Membership for any reason, simply log in your membership area and request a refund. Our dedicated team will be on it and refund your purchase promptly.

Everything you need to outrank
anyone in one package

By now, you can see that there's a lot to gain from your
IMG Membership, let's recap what you get:

VALUE: $15,497


Boost your rankings & earnings with access to the biggest SEO Course Library in the world. It's like Netflix for SEOs.

VALUE: $197


Connect with like-minded SEOs and find long lasting friends and support in a tight knit community.

VALUE: $975 


Have any SEO questions answered with a weekly Zoom mastermind with two of the world's top SEOs.



Always know what Google is up to with SEO weather. The only tool in the world that forecasts Google Algorithm updates. 

VALUE: $2240


Access to a vault of 160 Exclusive, IMG Only SEO tests.

10 new SEO tests added each month.