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Welcome to the IMG Weekly Chat Digest #39.

By Lauren Proctor

August 11, 2020

IMG Weekly Chat Digest #39.

We’re bringing together all the highlights from the week in IMG to save you time and in case you missed something relevant.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Off-Page SEO tactics for the gambling niche
  • Best translator for web content
  • Reciprocal backlink
  • Google using H1’s
And more…

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Now, This Week’s IMG Community Chat Digest!

1. Gambling site SEO with a limited budget

Members: Beata Szoke, Carolyn Holzman and Lisa Parziale

Topic – General SEO

Summary : Doing SEO for an Online Gambling Site with a limited budget. What off-page tactics do you recommend…

Carolyn : I’m a big fan of controlling the relevant backlinks I make, even if they are for a client. That way you can modify in case there’s a problem – plus for corporate clients they can be undone. Press releases might be possible, I’m not sure about gambling sites but those would be good for branded links.

2. Best translator for web app content?

Members: Miklas Kroager, Suzy B and Lisa Parziale

Topic: General SEO

Summary: What is the best translator app for web content? From what I’ve seen, Google Translate gets the most accurate results. What do you think?

I use Google but I have native speakers check my content to see if it is 100% accurate. It is less expensive to have an editor look at it vs. transcription…

3. What is your favorite type of backlink? Why?

Members: Lauren Proctor, Lee Witcher, Ted Kubaitis, Lisa Parziale, Carolyn Holzman and Suzy B

Topics: General SEO
Summary: What is your favorite type of backlink? Why?

Lee: A relevant one. They work well….

4.SERPOSCOPE – A open source, free rank tracker

Members: Connor Duggan, Kyle Roof and Suzy B  

Topic: General SEO

Summary: I’ve been using SERPOCOPE for rank tracking. It seems reliable and it suits my needs. Any other experiences or drawbacks with this free tool? …

Kyle: Nice share. I’m going to check this out…

5. My client website has links to articles on Ezine and JenningsWire. This content is written by the client. Is this good practice?…

Members: Carol Bell and Ted Kubaitis

Tags: General SEO

Summary: Website has links to articles on Ezine and JenningsWire. Should I (1) take the links on her site down, (2) leave the links and make them nofollow, or (3) take down the links and add the content as blog posts, even though it is duplicate content to what is on the article sites? Would Google recognize that she is the author of both? …

Ted: Can she get a link back from those articles in her “about the author blurb?”…

6. Reciprocal backlink?

Members: Yo Yo Fu and Suzy B

Topic: General SEO

Summary: I received a cold email asking for a backlink in exchange for the opportunity to write a guest post on a blog. Should I take the offer?…

Suzy: I would like to hear from a savvy backlink builder when it comes to the implication of this sort of deal of ‘reciprocal link” like…

7. I have a site with 150-200 spammy backlinks. What do you recommend I do? [Poll and comments]

Members: Hitesh B, Todd Weeks, Suzy B and Lisa Parziale

Topic: General SEO

Summary: A site’s rankings are dropping in the business niche. On page is good and improving but there are 150 to 200 very spammy backlinks. What would you recommend?….

Suzy: Yes, I would disavow them too – I am not a fan of disavowing everything that doesn’t look that bad… In those circumstances I just let Google ignore them.

8. Google using H1’s instead of page titles

Members: Raoul Wruck, Alex Guemez and Lisa Parziale

Topic: General SEO

Summary: Just saw a SERP where Google used a page’s h1 instead of <title> as the blue clickable link for one of the search results. Has anyone seen this before? Is it new?…

Alex: One of my pages is showing the H1 instead of Title… Maybe it’s Google. I don’t know what to say but this is happening…

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the read. See you in the community over the weekend!