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Welcome to the IMG Weekly Chat Digest #46

By Lauren Proctor

September 29, 2020

IMG Weekly Chat Digest #45

We’re bringing together all the highlights from the week in IMG to save you time and in case you missed something relevant.

Here are a few highlights:

    • Getting Googlebot to ignore
    • On-Page Changes
    • Excluded Pages on GSC
    • Internal Links to the Same Page
    • No Meta Description
And more…

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Now, This Week’s IMG Community Chat Digest!

1. Getting Googlebot to Ignore “Language and Province”

Members: Maria Dubretic, Vishal, Suzy B and Rafay Saleem

Topic – General SEO

What is the best way to make Googlebot ignore “Please select your language and province” popup window on the website and crawl the actual source code of the page?…

Vishal: Delay the loading time for this popup to set when page load is complete…

2. Fixing Excluded Pages on GSC

Members: Brian Thomasson, Kyle Roof and Simon White

Topic: General SEO

How do I fix pages excluded from indexing in Google Search Console? I resubmitted my site to make sure it was updated. About 45% of the errors say: discovered – currently not indexed. About the same amount say: crawled – currently not indexed?

Kyle: Do you have an html sitemap?  If not, make one, put all your urls on it and submit that to SC to be crawled.

3. On-Page Changes

Members: Ahsan Baig, Suzy B, Rafay Saleem, Kyle Roof, Ted Kubaitis and Yukinari M.

Topics: General SEO
Summary: If on-page changes does no make any difference in rankings even after a month, should I make changes again and be more aggressive in increasing variations, etc?

Rafay: Optimizing your on-page content again will help, but hitting maximum values for a specific Keyword is not ranking factor…

4. Internal Link to Same Page

Members: John O’Hara, Kyle Roof and Ted Kubaitis

Topic: General SEO

Summary: I have a few competitors who use the following tactic, and wondered if anyone uses it, has used it, and whether I should be using it?…

Kyle: You can add jump links so it’s not as black hat…

5. GMB Deletion?

Members: Simon White, James Goldsmith, Ted Kubaiits and Suzy B

Tags: General SEO

What to do if you accidentally delete your GMB?…

Ted: I tried to delete a GMB and couldn’t do it… it released it from my claim but it was still there and claimable…

6. No Meta Descriptions. Benefits?

Members: John O’Hara, Vishal, Everhardt Strauss and Ted Kubaitis

Topic: General SEO

I have a few competitors who don’t ever use meta descriptions. I’m guessing they must do it for a reason. Are there any benefits to this approach?

Vishal: If you optimize a page for many primary keywords, an empty description is more beneficial because google will write for you with more bolded keywords.


7. Reviews without Reviewers Name

Topic: Premium | Priority Questions

Members: Ryan Levander and Kyle Roof

I have a client with reviews, without the reviewer’s name. Would it make sense to wait to get the reviewer’s name before marking up the review schema?

Kyle: A couple things come to mind 1. Would it be considered spammy and open you up to a manual action?…

8. How to Find Truly Relevant Internal Links for your site.

Topic: Premium | Priority Questions
Tutorial: Indexing & HTML Sitemaps


That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the read. See you in the community over the weekend!