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Welcome to the IMG Weekly Chat Digest #48

By Lauren Proctor

October 12, 2020

IMG Weekly Chat Digest #48

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights from IMG this week. Take a look at the Table of Contents below and scroll down for the direct link to the post in IMG.

Here are a few highlights:

    • Google September Updates
    • Internal Links
    • Aged Domain Redirects
    • Meta Descriptions
    • White Papers & Ebooks for Backlinks

And more…

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Now, This Week’s IMG Community Chat Digest!

1. Google updates

Members: Paul Matthews, Kyle Roof and Maria Dubretic

Topic – General SEO

Any google updates in September?

Maria: It definitely happened and we can see that the SERPs switched on keywords. Which means that Google is not rewarding different types of pages for specific lost terms. Recommendations to apply to start the recovering process and building new strategies…

2. Too many internal links?

Members: Mike Orr, Kyle Roof, Vishal and Yaniv Gabay

Topic: General SEO

Can an article have too many internal links pointing to it?..

Kyle: Opinions and experiences may vary but I do think it’s possible to over cook your internal links…

3. Backlinks index checking

Members: Britt Beth and Suresh K

Topics: General SEO

When building links in bulk, how do you check they are indexed? Manually, or do I have a way of automating this?

Suresh: I never bother about indexing backlinks. If they are from an authority website then it happens automatically.

4. Google rewriting meta descriptions

Members: Lee Witcher, Miguel Rodriguez and Todd Weeks

Topic: General SEO

Google rewrites meta descriptions more than 70% of the time….

Todd: It’s their implementation of NLP to fit the “narrative” of the SERPs.

5. Aged domain redirects are legit?

Members: John O’Hara,  Kyle Roof and Vishal

Tags: General SEO

My competitors regularly spend on aged domains for redirecting. What percentage of redirects do you think are used for legit purposes? …

Kyle: In the guidelines, the thing that is “black hat” are sneaky redirects. I don’t think there is anything against buying a site and redirecting it to your site. I’ll investigate further on the issue though…

6. White papers, ebooks, etc for backlinks ?

Members: Michael Moshkovich, Terry Power and Todd Weeks

Topic: Premium | Pro Tips & Tricks

My client is looking for a place to submit white papers, ebook guides, etc to get backlinks. Does anyone have a list of sites for this purpose?

Terry: Here’s a list for you…

7. Choosing a primary keyword.

Topic: Premium | Pro Tips & Tricks

Tutorial: Choosing a Primary Keyword for your Page


That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the read. See you in the community over the weekend!