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Welcome to the IMG Weekly Chat Digest #49

By Lauren Proctor

October 20, 2020

IMG Weekly Chat Digest #49

In case you don’t spend all week in IMG, we curate a few highlights at the end of every week. Take a look at the Table of Contents below and scroll down for a direct link to the post in IMG.

Here are a few highlights:

    • Google Analytics vs Google Search Console
    • EMD Rank Drops
    • Best Way to Build Website
    • Backlinks from Changed Niches
    • Domains Dominating the SERPS

And more…

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Now, This Week’s IMG Community Chat Digest!

1. Google Analytics vs Google Search Console Traffic Stats

Members: Paul Matthews, Ted Kubaitis and Suzy B

Topic – General SEO

Google Analytics shows a massive traffic drop on my main site starting September, but I notice that Google Search Console shows little or no drop…

Ted: Double check the integration… people make updates… install new things and the GA integration breaks… looks like your traffic falls off a cliff but really nothing has changed.…

2. Shopify – Mailchimp Workaround?

Members: Laura Klein and Lauren Proctor

Topic: General SEO

As new blog posts are added they trigger their newsletter with the new post.  Is there a way to pick and choose those which get sent as a newsletter?

Lauren: Lately, Klaviyo is my go to when it comes to dynamically populating Shopify data into an email. If you’re looking for a free alternative though, what about an IFTT or Zapier that pushes RSS to email?…

3. EMD Issues & Rank Drops?

Members: Simon White, Shaun Wright, Kyle Roof, Lisa Graves, Clement Desmousseaux and Jake Boyle

Topics: General SEO

Huge ranking drops. EMD problems?  

Kyle: Weird sites taking page one? Could be another “glitch”

4. Best Way to Build a Website.

Members: Shaun Wright and Ted Kubaitis

Topic: General SEO

If you started from scratch, forward thinking, what would you put into a website to have the BEST website possible for google, for your customers, for mobile etc

Ted: It is still the same game. You are stack ranked based on the factor measurements of your competitive cohort. You have to measure to know where the goal posts are and then you have to put in the work to compete.

5. Backlink from Site That Changed its Niche 

Members: John O’Hara,  Suzy B and Ted Kubaitis

Tags: General SEO

I have a backlink from a site that has transformed from a finance site into a full-blown casino/gambling site but kept all the old finance guest posts (out of site). …

Ted: I’d leave it unless there is a problem. Falls under “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”…

6. Domain Dominating SERP with 8 Results !!

Members: Eric St. Cyr, Kyle Roof, Todd Weeks, Ted Kubaitis and Simon White

Topic: Premium | Priority Questions

Seeing some domains dominating the search by owning the top 8 positions on a specific search? Thoughts

Simon: We have seen this before, when the ‘Brand Name’ is part of the search term you seem to be able to overcome the domain level filtering to some degree…

7. Finding Power Pages on Your Site

Topic: Premium | Pro Tips & Tricks

Tutorial: Choosing a Primary Keyword for your Page


That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the read. See you in the community over the weekend!