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Welcome to the IMG Weekly Chat Digest #50

By Lauren Proctor

October 27, 2020

IMG Weekly Chat Digest #50

In case you don’t spend all week in IMG, we curate a few highlights at the end of every week. Take a look at the Table of Contents below and scroll down for a direct link to the post in IMG.

Here are a few highlights:

    • Expired Domain with Bad Links
    • Mysterious Ranking Drops
    • Passage Ranking Logging
    • Unauthorized Google Docs
    • Service Business Reviews

And more…

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Now, This Week’s IMG Community Chat Digest!

1. Expired Domain with Bad Links!

Members: Emerson Tarley, Alex Guemex, Lauren Proctor and Vishal

Topic – General SEO

Did due diligence and bought an expired domain and built a blog on it. When added to GSC – it is showing links from Chinese betting sites. What should I do?

Alex: Google is not Ahrefs and Majestic, remember that. If Google is indexing, that’s a good signal. If you don’t like those links, disavow them…  No big deal…

2. Mysterious Ranking Drop

Members: Sergej Ma, Vishal and Lauren Proctor

Topic: General SEO

Project is well optimized for on-page and off-page. All core updates were good to the project. Suddenly all money keywords have seen ranking drops. Any suggestions? …

Vishal: 1) Pick a url that lost rankings and check in GSC for keywords that lost impressions. These keywords had SERP updates so some SEO factors get more value and some are devalued.

3. Passage Ranking Logging

Members: Ted Kubaitis, Everhardt Strauss, Simon White, Chris Labbate, Jamie Munro, Suzy B, Kyle Roof and Muhammad Mehran Khan,

General SEO
Summary: There are a few early reports of google adding #word anchors to the ends of URLs for passage tracking. There are platforms that use those anchors. This seems sketchy…

Everhardt: Yeah, we use these in on page nav to allow users to pop down to the anchor point. But this has broken a lot of the reporting as the same page now is 3 pages in search console. But…

4. Unauthorised Google Docs Pages on My Site

Members: Paul Matthews, Vishal and Kyle Roof

Topic: General SEO

Someone is putting Google Docs pages on my website. Google Search Console says there are no security issues. Every other tool I can find says the same and the pages look “benign.” What do you think?

Vishal: Take a backup of the current site and then restore to a backup. This is easier than cleaning malware…

5. Service Business Reviews are Back  

Members: Jason Wright, James Goldsmith, Todd Weeks and Suzy B

Tags: General SEO

I am starting to see reviews for service businesses come back.)…

Todd: The review schema is a strong signal to the algorithm…….

6. Good Tutorial for POP

Members: Abubakar Jamil, Mike Carson and Vishal

Topic: Page Optimizer PRO

Can anyone please point toward a good tutorial for using POP effectively?

Mike: Check the POP YouTube channel. Kyle has some good starter videos there…

7. How to Optimize For Featured Snippets

Topic: Premium | Pro Tips & Tricks

Tutorial: How to Optimize Your Site for Featured Snippets


That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the read. See you in the community over the weekend!