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What’s On At IMG This Week – Monday, October 05th, 2020

By Lauren Proctor

October 6, 2020

Welcome to What’s On At IMG This Week.

This is hardly news at this point (especially for IMG members), but Google admitted they’re struggling with indexing again. If you’re at all interested in how they say they are faring with their mobile indexing and canonicalization issues, you can keep tabs on this thread.

Otherwise, keep scrolling for a glimpse of what we have in store for you this week in IMG.



IMG YouTube Show Roundup

It’s been awhile since we’ve shared our list of IMG-approved SEO videos so we’re bringing our list of awesome SEO content back for a week or two. Drop into IMG later today for your dose of top-notch SEO content.





Ask the Expert Live with Ted Kubaitis

Mark your calendars and get your questions ready for this week’s Ask The Expert Live Premium Member event.
World renowned SEO expert, Ted Kubaitis, will answer anything you’ve ever wanted to know about SEO. Ted normally charges $300+ per hour for consulting but as an IMG Premium member his time is yours free of charge.
Join us live and ask him anything.
When: Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Time: 9:00am – 10:00am PDT


SEO Fight Club – Episode 82

Join Kyle, Ted, Clint and the occasional special guest on SEO Fight Club. They will discuss the latest and greatest strategies for what is working in SEO right now.
If you are a Premium member you can join the event live and interact with the experts in the Remo platform. If you’re a free member you can watch the livestream on YouTube.
When: Wednesday, October 07, 2020
Starts: 11:00am PDT


Marty Marion Mini-Course Competitive Advantage for SEOs – Part 3

Join legendary ad agency executive Marty Marion in an IMG-exclusive mini-course. If you aren’t familiar with Marty, you should know he is the real life version of Mad Men. He’s also worked with some incredible SEO clients. Now he’s revealing his secrets on how SEOs can get a standout competitive advantage.

Check the community on Thursday for the 3rd episode in the series.


Featured Member Friday

Login to IMG to find this week’s featured member and learn about his / her super power, first job in digital marketing, what one thing drives him/ her crazy about our industry and more.    





Pro Tip Friday (Premium)

Check out #protip on this Friday.



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Excited to see you in the community and at the live events this week.