Georgi ToDOROV

Actionable Link Building

If you’ve ever attempted White Hat link building, you’ll already know how laborious it is and the enormous time it takes just to create a handful of links. Actionable Link Building Training will help you and your team to build white hat backlinks at the level of a seasoned professional, whether you have previous experience or not. Learn 7 proven link building techniques and how to scale and implement these techniques across your team.

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Some Course Modules

Verifiable certification upon completion.

Module 1: Hiring Module

Find Your Link Building VA

Hiring Writers – Article Outline

Hiring Writers- How to Hire Writers

Manage Your VA

Module 2: Outreach Campaign Rules

Outreach Rules

Module 3: Guest Posting Module

Manual Outreach

The Right Way to Buy Links

The Wrong Way to Buy Links

Create a new campaign on pitchbox

PitchBox Inspect, Personalize, Compose

Set up Templates and Personalize them on Pitchbox2

Module 4: Award Link Building Module

Award Link Building

Module 5: Broken Link Building Method

Broken Link Building

Module 6: HARO Link Building

HARO Link Building

Module 7: Infographic Outreach

Infographic Outreach with Pitchbox

Infographic Submission

Order an Infographic

Module 8: Link Reclamation

Link Reclamation

Module 9: Resource Page Link Building

Resource Page Link Building using Google

Resource Page Link Building with Pitchbox

What are resource pages and Why Building Links from them is so good

Module 10: Supplementary Link Building Methods

Bonus Create A Tool and Attract Links

Build links through your write for us page

Content Syndication

Q&A Link Building

Stock Photo Library Link Building method


Georgi has been doing link building since 2013 - that’s straight after the Google updates which changed the Link Building forever. While others were focusing on Black Hat Link Building, Georgi decided to focus on earning backlinks through Outreach instead. He tried almost every known Link Building method and excelled at outreach for links.

In the last 5 years, Georgi managed Link Building campaigns for more than 100 companies. He has been working for some Fortune 500 companies but also for small businesses with small budgets, which helped him develop his creativity.

Georgi is a founder of a digital marketing blog DigitalNovas and a contributing author at Search Engine Watch, Semrush, Local SEO Checklist, Huffington post, and more.

What Students are Saying

Just went through ‘The Actionable Link Building Training’ by @GeorgiTodorovBG. Great stuff! I'm giving it to our junior #SEO people. Finally, there is a detailed and actionable course that a complete beginner can follow and built superior white hat #backlinks

Yam Regev, Zest

Took a spin through “The Actionable Link Building Training” by @GeorgiTodorovBG - really solid overview of LB tactics. Good resource for new folks getting started w/ link building

Ian Howells, Trafficthinktank

Just finished looking through "The Actionable Link Building Training" course by @GeorgiTodorovBG. Very solid course for beginners looking to learn link building from the ground up

Robbie Richards,

certificate of completion

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