IMG Courses Onboarding

What happens next?

Welcome and congratulations! You've made the smart move to invest in your future SEO success. Here's what you need to do now to start enjoying all the courses IMG has on offer.

IMG Courses is actually made up of two parts, the main IMG Courses Community network, which is the hub for our community and courses. And the IMG Courses Vault where course videos are stored securely. You need a login to both areas to navigate and watch courses.

When you register for IMG Courses, you will get some emails, two are very important.

1) A request to join the IMG Courses Community Platform which looks like this. Just click Join Me & follow the prompts.

2) You will just as importantly receive an email like this. This is your login to The Courses Vault. Just click the link and set your password. It should automatically log you in. The Vault is just where videos are stored, you don't navigate the vault, you just need to be logged in to play course videos.

In the Community Network you can now go and explore the courses. When you find a course you wish to start, within each lesson there will be a link which looks like the one above, this link will open the course video inside the IMG Courses Vault.

If instead of seeing the video play, you get taken to a login screen like this, you can either login to the courses vault here or if you've not got your password you can also reset it from here too.

If you're still having issues after following this, please contact support.