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What is IMG?

IMG is the online community for SEO science. We bring together Search Marketers of all levels to experiment, test and learn from one another’s successes and failures to ensure we're always a step ahead. Come join the community where discoveries are made.

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About the Founders

IMG was created by Ted Kubaitis, Kyle Roof and Andrew Steven however the vision came from Kyle; whom, when just starting out in SEO many years ago and coming from a science and legal background, had the expectation that advice given by the so called ‘SEO gurus’ was trustworthy and field tested. Upon finding out this was most often not the case, he longed for a friend or community where he could go to get trustworthy answers to his problems and share his own findings along the way. A place where everyone is both a student and a teacher.

“The problem I had at that time is that there was no reliable place where I could go to get this!”

This dream became the manifestation of IMG.

About Kyle Roof

Kyle is the co-founder of High Voltage SEOPageOptimizer Pro and Internet Marketing Gold. He has overseen more than 350 scientific SEO tests on Google’s algorithm and co-hosts the weekly SEO show on YouTube, SEO Fight Club Kyle’s SEO techniques and discoveries are followed by many SEO professionals and business leaders, he has been featured in many respected publications and is a regular speaker on SEO testing at digital marketing conferences throughout the world. 

Kyle is most well known for his Rhinoplasty Plano experiment, where in 2018, he ranked a website entirely written in Lorem Ipsum text number 1 in Google, GMB and the Knowledge Panel for the above mentioned keyword in the SEO Signals Lab, Rank or Go Home challenge.

Recent things Kyle is involved with are:

Ted Kubaitis SEO

About Ted Kubaitis

Ted is an ex Microsoft programmer who got into marketing working for Microsoft many years ago. After doing SEO for some time he discovered that most other SEOs were not doing SEO using the empirical evidence method his background in data science had taught him and he went about building technology to help other SEOs get access to the same competitive intelligence data he had been using. This technology became Cora, one of the most well respected pieces of SEO software on the market today. 


Ted is the founder of SEO Tools Lab, an SEO speaker and host of the weekly SEO show, SEO Fight Club.

About Andrew Steven

Andrew has been building and managing SEO teams since 2008 where he led the largest SEO firm in Australia. Since meeting Kyle and partnering to form the SEO agency High Voltage SEO, Andrew has been Kyle’s man behind the scenes, since co-founding PageOptimizer Pro and IMG together.

Andrew has built systems to operate and scale SEO businesses which are now emulated by many other firms.


Here is what some of our 1,500+ members say about the new IMG:

Kyle Roof's On Page Course

This course is an honest account of what Kyle Roof has personally learned and tested throughout the last 7+ years in SEO. 

To date; (Jan 2020) Kyle’s course has been sold to over 400 students.

“The course has opened my eyes in the full spectrum of on-page SEO. It’s by far the most complete and in-depth course on this subject I've seen up to now”, - Richard Koeleman, SEO’er

“The course definitely helped me change the way I see SEO. Now I understand WHY I'm doing WHAT I'm doing instead of just guessing what to change on a page and pray it works”, - Adrian Diaz

“Kyle has changed the way I do SEO today... What Kyle taught me is to treat Google's algorithm as what it is: mathematics. And as we all know, mathematics follows logical rules and can be calculated”, - Martin Fiedler, Entrepreneur