Kyle Roof

Beginning SEO

This is a short course and is a companion Intro to my On Page SEO. The course is primarily designed for people that are very new to SEO and want to hit the ground running. The course provides a framework for understanding how SEO works. These people will benefit from the course:

  • those that have been doing SEO for a little bit but fear they may be missing some basic concepts
  • business owners who have been doing SEO but want to now learn SEO as an expert approaches things
  • someone who has been out of the game for a long time and is just getting back into SEO 
  • experienced SEOs that need to teach or explain SEO to clients or external teams

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Course Modules

Verifiable certification upon completion.

Module 1: The Goal of SEO

We'll discuss how Search Engine Optimization helps pages appear and rank higher for specific searches on Google.

Module 2: Find

Can Google find your site? If it can't, Google will never put your website in front of the people who search for products or services. In this module we'll make sure that Google can find your pages. 


Module 3: Crawl

In this module, we want to make sure that Google won't have any issues crawling through the pages of your site. We'll see what things Google really hates when it crawls your site. 


Module 4: Index

Will Google show your page for the types of terms you want? I'll discuss how that works and what happens after Google finds and crawls your site. 


Module 5: Rank

In this module, we'll go through the factors that will push your site up in search results in order to rank better in Google. 


Module 6: What to Do Next

In the final module, I'll share my final advice for upping your SEO game.



Kyle has been running tests on Google’s algorithm for 5 years which now totals over 400 tests. From these tests it’s fair to say Kyle has learnt a thing or two about the inner workings of the algorithm.

One of the key takeaways from Kyle’s tests has been his discovery into what are and are not the most important on page factors which influence rank. This led him to develop The Scientific On Page method which is a 100% White Hat counting system for on page optimisation, and an on page SEO optimization tool PageOptimizer Pro.

His agency, High Voltage SEO, is one of the leading White Hat SEO agencies in the world. It specializes in science based SEO strategies to grow businesses through organic traffic acquisition.

Based on the findings of the tests, Kyle created a framework called the Five Pillar SEO Method. Using this method High Voltage SEO has worked with over 250 companies worldwide including Yellow Pages, Medela, Erie, Intersport, Freshbooks, Aviva and National Car Rental to steadily grow their Google traffic in a predictable, robust and risk free manner.

What Students are Saying

Kyle is one of the best SEO trainers in the business. The reason in my opinion is due to him actually using what he teaches. He owns an agency, uses his techniques to actually rank his own properties or customer properties. This is important. However, his biggest advantage and the reason he sets himself apart, he tests everything he does to understand why something may or may not be working. Kyle does not guess and he does not believe anything until he tests it. This is priceless in a climate where everyone claims to know the secrets of Google. Kyle debunks many of these "secrets" and shows us the facts. Well-tested and implemented. Great job Kyle!

Lisa Parziale, Marketing Agency Owner

Kyle is a great teacher! It’s very easy to understand and the teaching has a great flow.

Patric Melander, Agency Owner

Kyle is a great teacher! It’s very easy to understand and the teaching has a great flow.

Martin Fiedler, Entrepreneur

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