Content Audit Playbook

Want to learn the exact Content Audit Process that SEO professional Robbie Richards uses to achieve quick organic traffic wins? Watch Robbie in this 'over the shoulder' style training as he implements the process on a real live site generating a 2x increase in website traffic (from 64,000 to over 106,000 organic visitors)? Implement on your website, or sell as a service immediately after finishing the training.

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Some Course Modules

Verifiable certification upon completion.

Module 1: Introduction to the Content Audit Playbook 

Welcome! Watch This First.

Introduction to the Content Audit Process

Module 2: Audits Goals & Penalty Assessments

How to Assess Penalty Risk & Assign Your Content Audit Goal(s)

Module 3: Data Collection

How to Configure the Basic Screaming Frog Crawl Settings

How to Configure the Advanced Screaming Frog Site Crawl Settings

How to Verify the Accuracy of Your Crawl Data

How to Crawl Large Websites

How to Import Crawl Data into Google Sheets

How to Enrich Your Crawl Data with Google Analytics

How to Enrich Crawl Data with Search Console

How to Enrich Crawl Data with Sitemaps

How to Scrub the Enriched URL List

How to Combine Your Crawl Data with the Enriched URL lists

Module 4: Mapping Page-Level Performance Metrics

Introduction to the Data Mapping Process

How to Connect Google Analytics & Search Console to URL Profiler

How to Connect a Backlink Data Source to URL Profiler

[Alternative] How to Map Data Using Screaming Frog APIs

How to Connect Proxies and Check for Duplicate Content

How to Connect Google Page Speed Insights to URL Profiler

How to Scale Third Party Data Mapping with URL Profiler

How to Streamline Your Mapped Data Set for Easier Analysis

BONUS LESSON: How to Map Conversions to URLs (with VLOOKUPs)

Module 5: Assigning Action Items and Strategies

Introduction to Assigning Audit Action Items and Strategies

How to Prioritize the Action Item Assignment Process

KEEP: Action Item and Strategy

[INTRO] Improve Action Items

IMPROVE Part #1: Existing Keywords + Conversion Opportunities

IMPROVE Part #2: "Freshness" + Engagement Signals

IMPROVE Part #3: Page Speed + Indexation

IMPROVE Part #4: How to Prioritize Your Action Items


CONSOLIDATION: Action Items and Strategies

BONUS TEMPLATE: Check Keyword Cannibalization Issues at Scale

[INTRO] Remove Action Items

REMOVE Part #1: Deadweight Content

Remove Part #2: Duplicate (Deadweight) Content

REMOVE Part #3: Irrelevance + Thin Content

REMOVE Part #4: URL-Based Issues

[Bonus] How to Build High-Value Internal Links

Module 6: Finding Existing Keyword Opportunities and Content Gaps

How to Identify Your Existing Keyword Opportunities

How to Shortlist Your Existing Keyword Opportunities (Automation Template Included)

How to Establish a Keyword Difficulty Baseline

How to Quickly Qualify Your Existing Keyword Opportunities

[PDF] How to Accurately Qualify Keywords Using SERP Data

How to Perform a Content Gap Analysis (and Find New Keyword Targets)

[Option #1] How to Move Audit and Keyword Opportunities into Your Content Calendar

[Option #2] How to Move Audit and Keyword Opportunities into Your Content Pipeline

Module 7: Measurement and Reporting

How to Build Your Content Audit Report

How to Count Action Items and Traffic Stats Across Pages

How to Build Your Audit Action Item List (Insights to Action)

Module 8: Bonus Audit Tactics

How to Reclaim Lost Link Equity


Robbie practices what he preaches. As an SEO director at Virayo - a boutique search marketing agency that works primarily with fast-growing B2B SaaS companies - he has built and executed successful search marketing campaigns for hundreds of companies, from small local businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 brands over the last 6+ years.

Before getting it right, he too had to ask the same question, “Where do I start?”The result of which was building out a library of the repeatable processes he first used to grow his blog from zero to a multi six-figure business, and then generate bottom line results for clients across dozens of different industries. 

Robbie has been a speaker at premier marketing conferences including Content JamExperience InboundDMSS, and featured as a guest expert for Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Forbes, Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, WordStream, Adweek.

What Students are Saying

Our agency has added many of his processes into our bag of tricks and we're getting some phenomenal results for our clients.

I wholeheartedly recommend that every SEO learn all Robbie is willing to teach. Not doing so will put your ranking and traffic potential in serious danger.

Ryan Mendenhall, Digital Marketing Manager

This year, I've taken about 5 or 6 different courses, including TASS, GotchSEO Academy, The Lab, CRO Academy Pro, and Robbie's course.

All amazing courses, and Robbie's course is certainly one of the most in-depth (and actionable) training programs I’ve gone through.

Gareth Daine, Owner/Founder, Daine Media

The Content Audit Playbook has really helped out my agency, SERP co. We recently used the material from the Content Audit Playbook to clean up and optimize a client's site.

In under 6 months we were able to almost double the website's organic traffic, going from 2,310 visits a week to 4,286 visits a week.

Devin Schumacher, Founder, SERP Co

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